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HR Training Videos also known as AGTS, Inc. is a premier source of stimulating, effective, Video, DVD and Web-Based Training for educating, and motivating supervisors and hourly employees.

Nationally recognized for its insightful approaches, HR Training Videos (AGTS) deliver training that employees remember and use in their daily lives. Whether you are looking for high quality Off-The-Shelf Programs that fit your needs or want Customized or Original Products that reflect your company’s specific agenda, HR Training Videos is the source you should get to know. A wide range of subjects, exceptional production values and excellent customer service set HR Training Videos apart from others.

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Providing VIDEO, CD-ROM and ONLINE Training.

Effective, engaging, even entertaining training. At HR Training Videos (also known as AGTS, Inc.), our videos grab hold of viewers from the beginning and don’t let go until the learning is complete. Opening scenes in our extensive collection of award-winning training videos, e Learning courses and simulations immediately create genuine interest.