Sexual Harassment: Understanding the Law Management Edition


Sexual Harassment: Understanding the Law Management Edition


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The EEOC has extended the Supreme Court’s rulings on Sexual Harassment to all forms of harassment prohibited by federal anti-discrimination laws.

If you’re faced with a harassment charge, these videos can be taken into court. They are proof that your firm has clearly communicated its policy prohibiting harassment. The videos are a most effective defense when used in conjunction with a written policy prohibiting harassment and a personal endorsement by your CEO.*

This powerfully dramatized video training is built around the reactions of employees and managers when a popular supervisor is fired for Sexual Harassment and permitting a Hostile Work Environment to exist even though there were complaints. The law, as well as the law’s impact are clearly described and defined.

The Management Edition is ideal for a well-educated work force, its management, and its supervisors.

The Employee Edition is formatted for supervisors and members of non-exempt hourly work forces.

*Call for quote on adding a personal video message from your company’s CEO.

Both editions cover:
Hostile work environment
Non-employee harassment
Away from work place harassment
Same sex harassment
No retaliation for reporting harassment
Full investigation of charges
Wide range of disciplinary actions (up to and including termination of Managers, Supervisors and Employees)
Managers and quid pro quo harassment
Company responsibility for acts of harassment even if expressly forbidden

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