So Help Me – Employee Edition


So Help Me – Employee Edition


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What do customers value most in customer service? Solving their problems. Recent research shows that handling customer problems quickly and correctly will retain or even build customer loyalty. Customers who don’t get their problems solved will leave and not return.

“So HELP Me” (Employee Edition) illustrates realistic customer service problems that can frustrate both customers and employees. The video provides solutions to these problems that satisfy everyone: the customer, the organization and the employee. These solutions include: working with policy to solve problems, helping customers outside your department, actively listening, treating every customer as your own, and defining customer needs.

“So HELP Me” demonstrates employees giving the kind of service that turns dissatisfied people into loyal customers. As one customer service provider in the video says, “…at the end of the day it makes me feel like I’m doing something useful. Instead of adding to people’s frustrations, I’m actually helping them out.”

Running Time:
16 minutes

This program includes:
•  Comprehensive 28 page leader’s guide with reproducible participant worksheets
•  15 page PowerPoint Slide Presentation (Slides may be edited for your organization’s needs.)

Languages: English or Spanish


Work with policy to solve problems:
Don’t use policy to explain what you can’t do; use policy to help people.

Take customers directly to what they need:
When you can’t help, take them to someone who can, even if it’s outside your department.

Take the time to really listen:
Treat each customer as an individual. Listen until you really hear what their problem is.

Treat every customer as your own customer:
Work with the customer you’re talking to. Don’t hand customers off to someone else just because they’re difficult.

Help customers define their needs:
Help people figure out what they want. Guide them to solutions that meet their needs.


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