The 5 Values of GREAT Customer Service


The 5 Values of GREAT Customer Service


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Customer service interactions can be complex under the best of conditions. Add issues of language, race, gender, religion, age or disability into the mix, and we often find otherwise competent employees acting in ways ranging from mildly inappropriate to inexcusably rude.

The customer demographics for most organizations are changing in such a way as to increase the diversity of the populations we serve. This makes it imperative that we improve our customer service training so as to prepare employees to meet the challenges this diversity can present.

The 5 Values of GREAT Customer Service (24 minutes) presents a values-based training approach to meeting this challenge. Participants will…

  • Better understand how to provide ALL customers with GREAT service
  • Be aware that how customers perceive the service we offer and how we perceive the needs of our customers may depend on their (and our own) personal and cultural perspectives
  • Develop a values-based approach to customer service
  • Become familiar with the G R E A T acronym and know how to apply it to our relations with our customers


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